All Saints Church of England Primary School

All Saints Church of EnglandPrimary School

SIAMS – Church Schools Inspection

All Saints Church of England Primary School has a Christian foundation that all staff and governors value. The school was originally built by the Elton Family as a Sunday school before becoming a school to support the education of children within the East Clevedon Community.

The school's Christian character influences its approach to educational experiences, the way staff interact with children and parents, the behavioural policy and how religious education lessons are taught.

We hold a daily act of Christian Worship and being locked just opposite the church benefit from a very close working relationship. Children attend a weekly Collective Worship in Church and all main Christian Celebrations are held in church. At times the church building is used by the staff and children to support the curriculum.

The very close working relationship also means that the school rent and use the church hall as a school hall and  the Glebe field as a playing field for PE lessons and outside playtimes. During the rebuild of the school, the church was also used to teach in, and hold meetings.

You can view the most recent SIAMs Inspection report below