All Saints Church of England Primary School

All Saints Church of EnglandPrimary School

Religious Education

Curriculum intent

At All Saints we will develop children who are religiously aware and tolerant of living in a multi-cultural society by:

  • Providing opportunities to explore different ideas about the world they live in and to be confident to question ideas and make links to their own experiences and opinions.
  • Understanding other people’s cultures and ways of life, which they will then be able to communicate to others.
  • Enabling children to develop the necessary skills to reflect on their own experiences, to learn from them and to develop their own identity, personal beliefs and values.
  • To think deeply and explore the great questions of life, death, meaning and purpose.
  • To become active citizens who make a positive contribution, showing consideration of others both locally, nationally and globally.

At All Saints we celebrate our Church of England origins and place an emphasis on Christian beliefs and practices whilst also teaching about other principle religions, other religious traditions and other worldviews in the contemporary world. Our intent is to design a curriculum with appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding so that children can reach and exceed their potential to learn more and understand more about the Christian faith as well as other faiths. Our curriculum will result in children developing an awareness and tolerance of living in a multi-cultural society and being mutually respectful towards the beliefs of others. 

Religious Education Policy

Religious Education Skills Progression and Milestones

Religious Education visual overview

Our RE Curriculum Map