All Saints Church of England Primary School

All Saints Church of EnglandPrimary School

EYFS Curriculum

Characteristics of learning

These three areas underpin all of the learning in EYFS

They are split into three areas:

1- Engagement – playing and exploring

2- Active learning – motivation

3- Creating and thinking critically

All Saints EYFS Curriculum Map

Our Topic web for Term 1


Dw our new reception children and we've loved welcoming back our ‘Super Seven’ year 1’s!

Timetable information

Mrs. Hardcastle is the teacher in St Andrews class. St Andrews class is made up of 15 reception children and 8 year 1’s.

Mrs. Grey will support the class most mornings and Mrs. Huxtable in the afternoons. Mrs Huxtable is also with the children every lunchtime.

On Thursday’s I have my Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) During this time the children will have Mrs. Griffin for PE and Computing. On this day I will be in school in the morning in Term 1 and the afternoon in Term 2.

In term 1 children will also have PE on a Monday afternoon.

Please make sure your child comes into school wearing their PE kit on a Monday and a Thursday in term 1.


Our PE kit: consists of a red PE sports t-shirt,  black shorts or trousers with sensible trainers. Please ensure everything is named.

Please don’t let your child bring in anything from home except the things that are needed. We need to try to limit the movement of things between home and school.

Reading and Spelling

EYFS (Reception)

During the first term please try and establish a routine where you share a book with your child. This should not be just before bed as that is a time for them to relax and listen to a story. Find a time when your child isn’t too tired and sit down for about 5/10 minutes to share/discuss a story and then record this in the yellow reading book. This could simply be a tick if you are busy or a sentence telling me what your child enjoyed about the story or the discussion you had over a new word etc. Some parents find first thing in the morning a good time, or after a snack time when they have just got home. Or even when they are in the bath - a captive audience!!

Reading at home is not only essential in a child’s development but also a wonderful opportunity for your child to share their book with you. Your child would benefit from reading at home for ten minutes every day; however we realise that with hectic lives that is not always possible! If you could aim to read with your child at least three times a week, it would be of great benefit to them. Also opportunities for children to be read enhance their learning of stories and story language.

It is important that each child remembers their reading folder every day as they will have opportunities for quiet reading during school time. Your child will be heard to read in a guided reading session every week this will not be recorded in their yellow reading record book. Please make sure the children have a book bag not a back pack.

Phonics and spelling will be taught in year group’s everyday which will support their reading, spelling and grammar development.

Core reading Term_1

Reception Parents -  A Phonics meeting has been taken place on Thursday 29th September at 7pm. The meeting is recorded so can be watched at another time, should you be unable to attend. T

Topic work

For the first two weeks of term 1 we are following a Make your Mark programme which develops fine motor skills for handwriting. We are using the text, ‘‘Little Answer by Tim Hopgood , we hope you enjoy hearing about it.

The curriculum will be studied through topics, which both infant classes will be following together. Term 1 and 2 topic is, ‘ Around the World ’ please see the attached topic web for more information. We are planning a school trip and other events within school so please watch out for this.


Please send your child with a named water bottle everyday as it’s important children have regular drinks.

Our partnership with you

If there are ever any problems, questions or worries, however small they may seem, please feel free to email the school office to make an appointment to see one of us or try to catch us around at the end of the day.

It is important to us that your children feel safe and secure at school and dealing with any worries straight away will help to create a productive and creative environment, where your child feels able to take risks in their learning. We know how important it can be to the children and sorting the little problems out quickly, makes it less likely that they will develop into ‘big’ ones later on.

Finally, please remember:

  • Wear PE kit on a Monday and Thursday  Term 1.
  • Bring your reading folder every day.
  • Bring a named water bottle every day.