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The governing body of All Saints, Church of England Primary School applies the regulations laid down by North Somerset Council in its co-ordinated admissions scheme.

Aims and objectives

We are an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities, of all Faith’s and of none.

Our site can prove challenging for individuals with disabilities because of the age and structure of the school buildings (ie number of steps, terrain and split-site locations).

The Admission Number

The Admission number is the number of children the school can accommodate.

The Admission number for our school is 20 for reception class from September 2018, with all other year groups having a maximum of 17 pupils. We keep this number under review and the governors will apply to change the number if circumstances allow.

The staff and governors are committed to not going above the standard number because doing so would be detrimental to the education of the children in Key Stage 2 by allowing the numbers of children to increase beyond 34 in a class.

How parents can apply for their child to be admitted to our school

The school’s admission arrangements are dealt with in conjunction with North Somerset Council’s Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for primary admissions for the current academic year.

The school will follow the definitions, procedures and timescales included with the Scheme.

To see copies of the scheme visit

or contact

North Somerset School Admissions and Transport Team
Town Hall,
Walliscote Grove Road,
BS23 1UJ

Tel: 01275 884078,

Currently, children enter school in the academic year they become five. There is one admissions date per year, early in September (i.e. at the start of the school year). Therefore, parents who would like their child to be admitted to this school during the year their child is five should ensure that they complete the necessary application form.

The School have adopted the School Admission Arrangements and New Intake Over- Subscription Criteria for North Somerset Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools, as issued by North Somerset Council.

Admission appeals

If parents wish to appeal against a decision to refuse entry, they can do so by applying to North Somerset Council.

Full details of the appeals procedure will be sent if the preferred school place is not offered. An independent appeals panel would then meet to consider all appeals by parents who have been refused a place at our school and who wish to appeal against this decision. An appeals panel decision is binding for all parties concerned. If the appeals panel decides that we should admit a child to our school, then we will accept this and continue to do everything that we can to provide the best education for all of the children in our school. Further information and guidance on appeals is available from the School Admissions and Transport Team on the details above, and on the North Somerset Council website

Appeals Timetable 2021.pdf

In Year Admission

All applications for 'In Year' admission to All Saints Church of England Primary School must be to North Somerset. 

School Admissions

Admission Contact: Mr. Stephen Webber

Tel: 01275 874169

There are 20 places available each year and our school is a popular choice.  


We would encourage you to contact the school, prior to applying for place. We can discuss a visit and if we have any spaces in your child's year group. If you are moving from a school with the town, we would encourage you to also contact your present school. letting them know of your intentions to change schools.

Offers for places for the reception classes are usually made in the latter part of Term 4. The decision on who is allocated a place is made by North Somerset and the criterion is set out on their website. If you do not get offered a place at this school you do have a right of appeal. This is made to North Somerset who will inform you of the procedures to be followed.

Reception Intake

Our aim is to ensure that the admission of our youngest pupils into the school happens as smoothly and happily as possible. We aim to establish, develop, and maintain a close partnership with parents.  We strongly recommend that you engage with our induction meetings held over the summer term to make your child's journey into school as smooth as possible.

We have close links with all our local Early Years settings and provide a variety of opportunities for children and parents to visit before the September start.

·         Our reception staff visit the preschools and meet the children

·         Evening meetings for parents in June as an overview

·         In July children are invited into school to meet their teacher and see their classroom, parents will also meet up and get to know each other

·         In late July, just before we break up for the holidays the teacher and Learning Support Assistant  will visit you and your child at home

·         In September, the PTA organise a play session together.

September Arrangement for starting schools.

Initially when they start school for the first time, half of the new children will attend school for the mornings only  or two days, the other half of the children will attend on another two mornings, or two days. During the following week, all children will attend for mornings and lunch time for a couple of days before attending full time later in the week.